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UX Design Speaker

Today in class, we had a speaker that works at a startup. His primary focus on the job was programming, but had a great deal to speak on when developing a user experience.

Many of the same themes played out in this discussion, and they are things that I have already personally considered. Some of it is again, common sense. He spoke a great deal on the design processes, and what it meant to develop a product for a customer.

I think that one of the most important lessons that most students could take away is the concept of being comfortable with being uncomfortable. A lot of what we do as new media specialists involves dealing with the unknown and just learning it. I think the speaker’s story about how they started out not knowing anything about IOS programming was a good punctuation mark to that concept.

Technology keeps changing, and we have to keep learning and developing. That involves getting into situations that we may not have all the information on. It may require that we involve ourselves in an area that no one else has documented. It may require us to make a new path. Project orientated learning makes the most sense, and forces us to evaluate what we do and do not know.

Having worked for a little over 11 years, there are great many myths that exist, but shouldn’t be heeded. Understanding what you are doing is not necessary. It is the ability to develop the understanding and willingness to continue, no matter how difficult. Once again, we are even reminded that working with others is imperative. You cannot develop a User Experience by yourself. A single perspective is not enough.

If you are designing for others, you have to include others. Thus, no person is an island upon themselves. They must collaborate.



In class yesterday, we discussed New Media and whether it is negative, or positive concerning the impacts on society.

It was treated more as a debate, and the ensuing discourse was plotted. Each side has good points and the lines started to blur between wether the person was at a table of for or against. Most of the discussion was centered around the internet and its specific impacts.

This is not a recapping but a capture of thoughts afterwards.

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Video Critiques: Lessons in Perspective

In New Media 100 class, we got to experience two different short films and critique them while the artists were present. Considering there were two new faces in the room, it made it an interesting moment for those who did not make the connection. It was interesting seeing how there was a very heavy sway initially towards which film most people favored.

These will be general critiques, that are really more general observations that have educational value. Additionally, one of the films is still awaiting release so I will not divulge details out professional respect. If that’s not for you, then I apologize, but if you are intersted in lessons learned, read on.

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