There is an anger deep within me. It is fueled by my late discovery of New Media. Since elementary school I have been creating. Everything that I have learned it was through my own discovery and errors. I taught myself how to draw. I taught myself how to use digital imaging tools. I taught myself how to create digital 3d models. I taught myself how to paint. I’ve taught myself how to program.

I am a self learner. I can be good at anything I apply myself to. For the past ten years I have been applying my tenacity to retail. For over ten years, I have managed men and woman much older then myself towards success. I have built teams, I have built trust, I have built systems. I have created a reputation for myself. I have the self confidence and awareness to know what I have achieved.

For most of my career I had dedicated myself towards one goal, to be a store manager. I worked hard, and I learned as much as I could. I made every attempt to learn something new. Most importantly, I learned how to be uncomfortable. This discomfort has allowed me to be aware, and present to the current state of affairs and be responsible for them.

I began my schooling in computer science. I further learned how to program and became very good at it. While I enjoyed the creative aspects of programming, the hard sciences reduced my enjoyment. When I transferred to New Media, I found an answer to the nagging feeling that I only was aware of only until I switched.

The artist within me has been allowed to breath, and with my combined disciplines of art and technology, I can finally be what I have always been.

I am a thinker, inventor, designer, philosopher, tinkerer, planner, dreamer, futurist, leader, organizer. I am tenacious, stubborn, humble, reserved, selective. I know what is important to me, and I know what isn’t. Having this distinction allows me to know what I need to do, and when I need to do it.

I am limited by my tools, but I have been given the ability to make them for myself. By this fact, I can do anything.