Principle of Design Pictographs

22 – Affordance – the ability for the design to achieve the purpose with efficiency


The lever upon this water pump affords the user to amplify their energy to pull water from a well.



24 – Alignment – Where the presentation of objects is in line and orderly


The data on this chart is aligned in a manner that is meaningful to the user. 


26 – Anthropomorphic Form – comparing to human physical attributes


These syrup bottles have the shape of a motherly figure, which implies a domestic and human element.


44 – Closure – design to influence a sense of completeness. Enough to give a picture, but not enough to give the entire picture


This licence plate requires that the user completes the saying while not providing the entire saying by itself.


48 – Color –  color controls how we view things, and how we feel about them


This movie poster uses orange and blue to evoke feelings for the characters. These are commonly used to bring about a sense of epicness, or associations with good and evil.


50 – Common Fate – implies that groups of objects are associated with each other as they progress


The orientation of these geese imply they are flying together, their motion is implied by this.


56 – Consistency – When one thing works like the other thing in an expected manner. The user does not have to relearn everytime a new interaction is offered.


Image result for consistent user interface
Each button that activates a mode is activated in the same way as the other mode selection buttons


62 – Contour Bias – Curves = emotional stability, Sharp angles = thoughtfulness


We find this in comparisons between puppies and adults. Puppies are smaller, softer, and rounder. They elicit more ‘aww’ moments than their larger blockier sharp angled adult versions.


88 – Face-ism Ratio – The ratio of body to face focus in images. Brings out personality and mental attributes


This image focuses very much on Mr. Bean’s face. Emphasizing facial expressions and mannerisms over basic form. 


96 – Figure-Ground Relationship – How much the background and the figure elements work together to create a balance in which the figure receives greater attention


Halo Spaceship wallpaper
The ship has a stronger presence in the image. It holds the greatest amount of detail while the background is more muted and lacks distinct points of detail.


100 – Five Hat Racks – The five ways one can organize information – category, time, location, alphabet, and continuum


This quintessential progression of human evolution is expressed through this pictograph. It is organized in reference to a continuum of events.


116 – Good Continuation – items in a line or curve are perceived as a group rather than those that are not.


The information projected along the branching lines implies their grouped nature 



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